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creates multiple streams of residual income. The one we focus on here is affiliate marketing. Reading books about creating multiple streams of residual income and acting now is how one achieves financial independance.
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Following is testimony of my success.

It all started with my purchase of a $300 notebook with WiFi. I did not even know what WiFi meant except that I was able to email, read and learn about internet home based business. Like many of you, I swiftly became tired of the same empty promises. Fortune making turn-key operations that make millionaires over-night. First, I will become a billionaire. Second, I never can not tell if the guru is really driving a Bentley or a beater. Third, I am not stuffing, pounding, pitching, storing, or any other pride swallowing form of sales to make money: I'm just not doing it. Then I stumbled upon someone in with a tips page. She was blunt and informative. The tips page lead me to where I found Nickey Mark program. Here I followed a step by step process to earn $400 dollars a day with two months of working for 3 hours a week. I created this business blog in to get started. The rest as they say is history. I hope this fine tuned and reformed tips page helps you.

Just follow these three simple steps to create an internet home based business:

1)Make your own website. I recommend because it is free and starts generating income by allowing links like this Nickey Mark program. It comes full with website, hosting, domain and software plus many other resources to download. Bookmark business blog now and go to Nick Marks website.Click Here! It is the hosting company I use: It is very reliable. I cannot stress it enough, YOU MUST HAVE A WEBSITE to create multiple streams of residual income. There is no way around it. Nicky Mark program is all inclusive and user friendly. I mean it.

A business blog creates an income of $200 a month at first. That is good for a free internet home based business but not your retirement. The main idea here is to start now. Learn from business blog. I will cover the importance of having both business blogs and websites. I will also teach you how to grow into a $30,000 monthly spending budget! Subscribe to my monthly e-mail list.

FYI: $200 will pay for two years of website hosting. Make sure you book mark this page and subscribe for my $299 gift now. You can subscribe with your e-mail and please note: I am for anti-spam and I adhere to all laws and regulations concerning such. Just don't forget to subscribe to my educational monthly newsletter: More about internet home based business and creating multiple streams of residual income.

2) Put some content on your website.

Now is a good time to define terms. For the rest of business blog, website refers to both free blogs and hosted websites.

Limit the content though; Your aim is to make money not to actually give people content. Around this content, put as many advertisements as you can, flood your website with ads. Two advertisers that will pay you are Clickbank and Commission Junction. Clickbank pays you every two weeks and Commission Junction pays you every month. You can see examples of Google adsense ads in white on the right. The blue button on the right is Google Adsense. Just click on the links. It is free to sign up for these awesome companies. Note, some of their clients require you to have a paid for website.

3)List your website in search engines. I recommend Google and Yahoo; They are two of the better search engine systems. Once your website is in the search engines you will begin receiving traffic, traffic translates into money for you. Look to the right. Become a webmaster and monopolize your websites. You should remember that cyberspace is the new world where people become either rich or poor, and it is your ability to manipulate the information online to your advantage. Make a decision to use these resources and act now. When I started I made about $150-200 a month. However, I know people who started $5000 a day. It all depends on your action. The good thing about the web is that you do not have to go to marketing school or business school, and you do not need a huge sum of money to start your own internet home based business. If you do have a $500 or $1000 a month spending budget than your income will of course be $200 to $1000 a day. Look to the right. Take advantage of the green button below the blue Google Adsense button on the right. If you are starting like I did then get excited. You can do it on your own time and at your own pace. I am grateful to have helped you this far. I look forward to exchanging URLs and e-mails in the future. Remember, with the web you don'’t really need to sell a physical product, you simply need to forward your traffic to other sites.

One Final Word

Learn all you can. Read blogs, newsclips and e-books. One online class setting for affiliate marketing is Affiliate Classroom.

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